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Liquor Liability Negligent Alcohol Service Expert

When your establishment is facing a personal injury claim, lawsuit, or any other legal action stemming from claims of improper alcohol service, you need a liquor liability expert on your side. The Dram Shop Experts have years of experience in hospitality, nightlife, and legal work and can help by providing liquor liability expert witness testimony, opinions, or guidance.

Nightlife, and alcohol in general, has a stigma attached to it, making it difficult to fairly and accurately present your side of the story to a judge or jury. Working with a team of alcohol expert witnesses to analyze your security footage, review your practices, and understand what happened in the time leading up to the incident is one of the best ways to provide a clear and unbiased picture in court.

Liquor liability experts can also work with city officials and law enforcement in many cases to provide context for what happened and help develop best practices for establishments going forward.

The Dram Shop Experts’ team’s comprehensive history in nightclub management, bar operations, and security use of force provides powerful insight into responsible alcohol service and industry-standard bar operations. Furthermore, our history of legal success and experience in civil cases, particularly in providing expert witness testimony, allows us to provide a clear and convincing picture in court.

Don’t let an incident at your establishment ruin your business or livelihood – contact The Dram Shop Experts today.

We Specialise In Liquor Liability and Negligent Alcohol Service

The Dram Shop Experts have a comprehensive history in nightclub management, giving us a deep understanding of the inner workings of these types of businesses. We know how to spot potential problems and how to develop best practices for avoiding them. This working knowledge makes us the best experts for the job when it comes to reviewing the evidence and claims against your client before developing an eyewitness testimony or opinion supporting your case.

Common Causes of Liquor Liability Lawsuits

There are many different ways that an incident can lead to a liquor liability lawsuit against your establishment. Here are some of the most common:


Excessive alcohol service is the most common cause of liquor liability lawsuits. If your bartenders or servers are over-serving guests, and someone is injured as a result, you can be held liable. However, some matters must be reviewed to determine whether or not the liability falls on the establishment, which our team will do for you and then provide our expert opinion.

Not Checking IDs

If you serve someone who is underage and they are injured, you can be held liable; however, our team will need to review your procedures to see what happened and make sense of the events that led up to the injury. In many cases, the liability does not fall on the establishment if they follow their procedures.

Unsafe Premises

If your premises are unsafe and someone is injured, you can be held liable. Reviewing security footage and other evidence with our team will help us determine what happened and if the injury could have been prevented. If your premises were free of hazards and operating within the normal legal constraints, you may not be held liable.

Lack of Security

If you do not have enough security and someone is injured, you can be held liable. Before providing our expert testimony and opinion in court, we will review your security practices, interview staff, and analyze any footage or other evidence to determine if more security would have prevented the incident. If your security was adequate, or the incident could not have been prevented even with more security, you may not be held liable.

Security use of Force

Bar and nightclub security have a difficult job — managing emotions, identifying potential issues, and removing problem guests before they cause harm. But if security uses too much force or uses force when it’s not warranted, and someone is injured, you can be held liable. Our team will review footage and other evidence to help determine if the security staff acted appropriately.

Not Monitoring Guests

If you have guests who are causing a disturbance and you do not take action to remove them or stop the behavior, you can be held liable if they injure someone. Again, our team will need to review your procedures and security footage to give an expert opinion on what happened and whether or not you could have prevented the incident.

Contact the Dram Shop Experts to Connect With a Liquor Liability Specialist now

As you can see, many different factors must be considered in a liquor liability case, and it is not always clear who is at fault. That’s why it’s so important to have an expert on your side who can review the facts and provide an unbiased opinion. The Dram Shop Experts have years of experience in hospitality, nightlife, and legal work and can help by providing expert testimony, opinions, or guidance.

Contact us today for more information on our services or to connect with our team to begin our work together.


Hiring Preston Rideout, as a Nightclub and Bar consultant, was the best decisions we ever made. His methodology and meticulous attention to detail are mind blowing but I was most impressed with his transparency.

Ryan Giunta Chief Marketing Officer and Bomber Ski

No one combines passion for nightlife and knowledge of bar operations better than Preston Rideout. He turns ordinary bars into extra ordinary profit centers.

Howie Morgan President Election Impact Group

It's my pleasure to recommend Preston Rideout to anyone seeking a nightclub and bar expert. His Bartender Training Manuals are the definitive guide for owners who want to streamline operations and maximize profitability. You would do well to have him on your...

Thomas Elfert Complex Risk Management Adviser

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