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Dram Shop Experts and Responsible Alcohol Service

Dram Shop Experts Preston Rideout, Kim Schioldan, and Silver Gordon are high;y sought Hospitality consultants specializing in Dram Shop Expert Witness Testimony. Over the past 30 years, they operated over 250 Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Bars across the United States.

Clients retain the Dram Shop Experts because alcohol-related lawsuits require superior insight into alcohol service. Quite often, Dram Shop litigation is plagued by preconceived notions of alcohol service, This is where we thrive. By articulating facts, providing alcohol education, and offering insight into operations, we deconstruct preconceived negative notions of al; alcohol service. Regardless of the accusations, The Dram Shop Experts will assist in your prosecution or defense.

The following alcohol-related Restauarnt, nightclubs, Bar, Assault, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases that benefit from Dram Shop Expert Witness Testimony include intoxicated persons, alcohol serving size, amount of alcohol in cocktails, alcohol content, standard drink size, security awareness, company culture, service training, alcohol training, security training programs, service industry, staff training programs and serving alcohol,

Negligent Alcohol Service and Customer Intoxication

Alcohol Service and Customer Intoxication litigation is difficult to defend and prosecute. Plaintiffs must demonstrate Industry Standard Bar Operations and Responsible Responsible Alcohol Service. Compliance where Defendents must disprove compliance. Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Bars facing these alcohol service and customer intoxication accusations should retain the Dram Shop Experts. We will prove or disprove industry-standard bar operations and responsible alcohol service. Compliance With over three decades of Alcohol Service and Customer Intoxication experience, we are well qualified to render opinions.

Bartender Training, Responsible Alcohol Service, and Intoxication

Bartender Training and Responsible Alcohol Service determine the outcome of every Dram Shop, Liquor Liability, or alcohol-related personal injury case in the United States. Retaining the Dram Shop Experts will solidify your success if you’re defending or prosecuting these cases. Preston Rideout is the leading Nightclub and Bar expert in the legal industry. He has over 30 years of experience, 75 Alcohol Safety Certifications, and received over 100,000 downloads upon publishing his bartender Training Manual.

Alcohol Policy, Operating Procedures, and Alcohol Service

Alcohol Policy and Operating Procedures exist to mitigate intoxication and promote responsible alcohol service. Defending alcohol policies and operating procedures requires demonstrating complaints. As Restauarnt, Nightclub, and Bar consultants, The Dram Shop Experts’ reputation for promoting responsible alcohol is well known throughout the hospitality industry. Retain us to determine the adequacy of alcohol policies and evaluate the existence of operating procedures.

Security Training, Assault, Personal Injury, and Security Use of Force

Security Training and Security Use of Force affect every sector of the Hospitality industry across the United States. The use of force by bar security is highly regulated by the state where the bar is located. Each state has its own definition of what constitutes excessive force, and each state also has different regulations regarding when and how bar security can physically engage with customers.

In some states, very specific laws outline when and how much force bar security can use to subdue a patron. In other states, the laws are much vaguer and leave it up to the discretion of the security staff to determine when force is necessary. However, in all states, using excessive force by bar security is considered a crime.. Retain us to help establish the authenticity of security training or hire us to determine if the use of force was appropriate.

Dram Shop, Wrongful Death, Premise Liability, Personal Injury

Each of these real-world examples requires a dram shop expert witness testimony. If you are involved in an alcohol-related lawsuit stemming from customer injury, wrongful death, premise liability, intoxication, or liquor liability, we strongly encourage you to hire a personal injury or criminal defense attorney and then retain The Dran Shop Experts to assist in your prosecution or defense.

Contact The Dram Shop Experts For Superior Service

If you’re Defending or Prosecuting a Hotel, Casino Resort, Restaurant, Nightclub, Bar, Liquor Liability, Premise Liability, Wrongful Death, or Alcohol Related Personal Injury anywhere across the United States, contact Dram Shop Experts Preston Rideout, Kim Schioldan, and Silver Gordon. for superior service.


Hiring Preston Rideout, as a Nightclub and Bar consultant, was the best decisions we ever made. His methodology and meticulous attention to detail are mind blowing but I was most impressed with his transparency.

Ryan Giunta Chief Marketing Officer and Bomber Ski

No one combines passion for nightlife and knowledge of bar operations better than Preston Rideout. He turns ordinary bars into extra ordinary profit centers.

Howie Morgan President Election Impact Group

It's my pleasure to recommend Preston Rideout to anyone seeking a nightclub and bar expert. His Bartender Training Manuals are the definitive guide for owners who want to streamline operations and maximize profitability. You would do well to have him on your...

Thomas Elfert Complex Risk Management Adviser

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