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Dram Shop Experts and Responsible Alcohol Service

Dram Shop Experts Preston Rideout, Kim Schioldan, and Silver Gordon are Hospitality consultants specializing in Dram Shop Expert Witness Testimony. Over the past 30 years, they operated over 250 Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Bars across the United States.

Clients retain the Dram Shop Experts because alcohol-related lawsuits require superior insight into alcohol service. We thrive in Dram Shop litigation because we challenge the preconceived notions of alcohol service that often plague these cases. Articulating facts, providing alcohol education, and offering insight into operations, we deconstruct preconceived negative notions of al; alcohol service. Regardless of the accusations, The Dram Shop Experts will assist in your prosecution or defense.

Negligent Alcohol Service and Customer Intoxication

Alcohol Service and Customer Intoxication litigation is difficult to defend and prosecute. Plaintiffs must demonstrate Industry Standard Bar Operations and Responsible Responsible Alcohol Service—compliance where Defendants must disprove compliance. Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Bars facing these alcohol service and customer intoxication accusations should retain the Dram Shop Experts. We will prove or disprove industry-standard bar operations and responsible alcohol service. Compliance With over three decades of Alcohol Service and Customer Intoxication experience, we are qualified to render opinions.

Bartender Training, Responsible Alcohol Service, and Intoxication

Bartender Training, Responsible Alcohol Service, and intoxication are the foundations for successful dram shop defense or prosecution. Retaining the Dram Shop Experts will solidify your success if you defend or prosecute these cases. Preston Rideout is the legal industry’s leading Nightclub and Bar operations expert.

Alcohol Policy, Operating Procedures, and Alcohol Service

Alcohol Policy and Operating Procedures exist to mitigate intoxication and promote responsible alcohol service. Defending alcohol policies and operating procedures requires demonstrating complaints. The Dram Shop Experts have built a strong reputation for responsible alcohol service throughout the nightclub and bar industry. Our team determines the adequacy of alcohol policies and evaluates the existence of operating procedures.

Security Training, Assault, Personal Injury, and Security Use of Force

Security training and how security personnel use force are critical concerns for every sector of the U.S. hospitality industry. Each state closely regulates how bar security can use force, specifically defining “excessive force” and guidelines for when security can physically intervene with patrons. Some states have detailed laws outlining the permissible amount of force in subduing a customer, while others provide less specific guidance. However, one rule remains universal: bar security commits a crime when they use excessive force, regardless of the state’s specific regulations. This emphasis on accountability underscores the importance of comprehensive security training that prioritizes de-escalation tactics and responsible use of force.

Contact The Dram Shop Experts For Superior Service

Contact our team today and retain The Dram Shop Experts. We will provide powerful insight into responsible alcohol service, industry-standard bar operations, and intoxication identification. We will fight, by your side, to prosecute or defend your dram shop claim. Call Preston Rideout (662) 466-6045 for information about our Dram Shop Expert Witness Testimony services.