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Silver Tree Gordon

With over 30 years of experience in the restaurant, nightclub, bar, and security industry, Silver Tree Gordon is a highly sought-after Dram Shop Security Expert Witness.

Silver Gordon has opened, operated, or consulted on over 100 liquor-licensed establishments in the past three decades. In this timeframe and across such varied locations, he has developed an intricate working knowledge of liquor laws, regulations, and safe operating procedures. Silver has a keen eye for detail, enabling him to quickly identify potential liabilities and risk areas in any new business venture. He remains current with changing liquor laws and regulations, both regionally and nationally.

In addition to having a comprehensive knowledge of liquor laws and regulations, Mr. Gordon is also a hospitality operations expert. He understands the nuances of managing staff, controlling costs, and driving sales in a licensed alcohol service venue. Mr. Gordon is dedicated to helping operators ensure their businesses are successful while remaining compliant with local, regional, and national regulations.

Silver Gordon’s Military Service

Before his hospitality career, Mr. Gordon served in the US ARMY. Initially trained as a Cryptologic Linguist, he specialized in signal intelligence and electronic warfare operations (SIGINT/EW). While with U.S. ARMY Intelligence, Mr. Gordon received training at the Defense Language Institute (DLIFLC- POLISH & SLOVAK) and Goodfellow AFB (344th MI Battalion – Code Intercept & Signal Intelligence Analyst). Mr. Gordon transitioned to the U.S. ARMY Special Forces as a Special Forces Operational Detachment Bravo (SFODB) member, providing intelligence support for 11th Groups U.S. ARMY Special Forces. Once “in group,” Mr. Gordon received unit training in Weapons, Special Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Airborne Operations, Advanced Airborne Operations, Close Quarters Combat, Dive Operations, and Water Insertion.

After serving in the U.S. ARMY, Mr. Gordon worked as a private contractor for Executive Protection International (EPI), KBR Inc. & ArmorGroup International, specializing in logistics and security officer training. During his military and private service, Mr. Gordon performed assignments including High-Risk Security & Transportation, Hard Target Security, and Direct Action Assignments inside and outside the continental United States.

Dram Shop Special Expertise and Experience

Dram Shop Security Expert: With his unique combination of real-world military experience, civilian contract work, and nightclub operations, Silver Gordon is well versed in all aspects of Dram Shop Security, Training, Use Of Force, De-escalation, Deadly Force, and Active Shooter litigation. He has over 30 years of restaurant, nightclub, and bar experience training bartenders, bouncers, management, and security staff.

Dram Shop Liquor Licensing: Obtaining the necessary federal, state, and local approvals for an alcohol service establishment can be a huge “barrier to entry” in the hospitality/entertainment industry, but Silver Gordon has decades of experience guiding owners through this process and has a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of states specific licensing application processes and administration. In addition to alcohol, Mr. Gordon provides consultation and licensing support in the booming THC industry.

Restaurant, Nightclub, and Bar Operations: As a hospitality consultant, Silver Gordon provides powerful insight into hiring, onboarding, human resources, bartender training, intoxication identification, responsible alcohol service, management, security use of force, door operations, risk mitigation, and liability reduction

Silver Gordon’s Professional Organizations

  • National Cannabis Industry Association – Member, Exhibitor
  • Americans for Safe Access: Leadership Member
  • National Hemp Association: Member
  • Houston Restaurant Association Board Member (HRA) 2016-2017
  • Texas Restaurant Association Legislative Committee Member (85th Legislature 2014)
  • Nightclub and Bar Trade Show & Convention: 20-Year Millennium Panel Member
  • Texas Bar & Nightclub Association: Legislative Committee Member (83rd Legislature 2013)
  • International Foodservice Executive Association
  • Association of General Contractors of America
  • Veterans Association Of America: Member / Volunteer

Silver Gordon’s Professional Organizations

  • A.A. Linguistics: Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. DLIFLC
  • B.A. Linguistics: University of Kentucky
  • Masters in Business Administration & Leadership: University of Cincinnati, College of Business