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Our Team

Dram Shop Experts Preston Rideout, Kim Schioldan, and Silver Gordon

Are the premiere bar operations, alcohol service, and security experts in the legal industry. Working together, they operated over 250 restaurants, nightclubs, and bars across the United States.

Preston Rideout is a highly sought-after Bar Consultant with 75 Alcohol Safety Certifications and over 125 Casino, Hotel, resort, Restaurant, Nightclub, and Bar clients through Rideout Hospitality.

Silver Gordon is a distinguished Ex-Special Forces Officer. After serving overseas in multiple conflicts, he received an honorable discharge, then opened over 100 bars in 5 countries by himself.

Before providing Dram Shop Expert Witness Testimony, Kim Schioldan was the Executive Security Director for Hakkasan and Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas. You might ask yourself what separates the Dram Shop Experts from everyone else. Why are we unique, and why should you retain one of us? Our answer is simple.

“We Succeed Where Others Fail Because We Work Together As A Team.”

Working together makes The Dram Shop Experts different from everyone else. Our 3-man formula is your foundation for success. Clients typically retain each of us individually, but we still work together as a team. To be honest, It’s not like work. This is what we do, and this is who we are.

Collectively, we’ve put in over 75 years of nightlife. We achieved everything there was to accomplish in nightlife, and now we are ready to dominate Dram Shop. We are 100% certain our professional work history provides powerful insight into every aspect of nightlife management, bar operations, bartender training, security use of force, mechanical bull accidents, assault, large-scale altercations, knife fights, mass shootings, intoxication, personal injury, premise liability, slip, and fall. Please click on these links to read about our service areas, or simply call Preston Rideout at (662) 466-6045. Responsible Alcohol Service, Industry Standard Bar Operations, Bartender Training, Intoxication Identification, Nightclub Negligence, and Security Use of Force.

If you’re still not convinced, Contact The Dram Shop Experts for Free Consultation. Once you detail your case and we provide insight into what happened, why it happened, and how it could have been prevented, you will retain our services, and we will assist in winning your case. For these reasons, they are the most qualified Dram Shop Experts with the most Restaurant, Nightclub, and Bar experience in the legal industry.


Hiring Preston Rideout, as a Nightclub and Bar consultant, was the best decisions we ever made. His methodology and meticulous attention to detail are mind blowing but I was most impressed with his transparency.

Ryan Giunta Chief Marketing Officer and Bomber Ski

No one combines passion for nightlife and knowledge of bar operations better than Preston Rideout. He turns ordinary bars into extra ordinary profit centers.

Howie Morgan President Election Impact Group

It's my pleasure to recommend Preston Rideout to anyone seeking a nightclub and bar expert. His Bartender Training Manuals are the definitive guide for owners who want to streamline operations and maximize profitability. You would do well to have him on your...

Thomas Elfert Complex Risk Management Adviser

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