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Dram Shop Expert Witness Testimony

Preston Rideout, Kim Schioldan, and Silver Gordon are Nightclub and Bar consultants specializing in Dram Shop Expert Witness Testimony. As highly sought-after hospitality consultants, we are widely considered the leading Dram Shop Experts in the United States. Over the past 30 years, we’ve operated over 250 Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bars, and Large Scale Music Festivals in 11 countries. Among Dram Shop Experts across the nation, we have the most alcohol service and security experience in the legal industry.

Our knowledge of bar operations, alcohol service, intoxication, and security combine to create powerful opinions, reports, depositions, and trial testimony. We recognize the complexity of alcohol litigation because we are restaurant, nightclub, and bar operators. Our foundation for success is built upon 3 decades of operating experience. Contact us to simplify the complexity of responsible alcohol service and ensure the best outcome for your client.

Regardless of your litigation, Preston Rideout, Kim Schioldan, and Silver Gordon have the insight you’re seeking into alcohol service, bar operations, and security use of force. We understand what it takes to win or defend Dram Shop prosecution.

Cases That Benefit From Dram Shop Expert Testimony

Dram Shop and Liquor Liability cases demand insight into bar operations and alcohol service. We answer that demand by providing powerful insight into industry-standard operations, policies, and procedures.

Responsible Alcohol Service and Intoxication Identification

Responsible Alcohol Service and Intoxication Identification are your foundation for successfully defending or prosecuting Dram Shop litigation. It is against the law to serve alcohol to a “visibly intoxicated person,” but what is visible intoxication?  Visible intoxication is a level of impairment that is evident upon common observation such as a person’s behavior or appearance.  This is the standard servers should use to decide whether or not to serve a customer.

Security Use of Force and Personal Injury

If you’re prosecuting or defending security use of force, we can help. In some states, very specific laws outline when and how much force bar security can use to subdue a patron. In other states, laws are vague forcing security to determine when force is necessary. However, in all states, the use of excessive force by bar security is considered a crime. Contact The Dram Shop Experts to speak with Silver Gordon to discuss Security Use of Force, Personal Injury, and Wrongful Death.

Bartender Training and Management Oversight

Alcohol training and management oversight create the cornerstones for successfully prosecuting or defending Drma Shop litigation. Contact the Dram Shop Experts to authenticate training and validate oversight, We will examine the components of the alcohol service training program to determine industry standard compliance by reviewing alcohol service policies, procedures, and systems in place.

Alcohol Service, Alcohol Policies, and Alcohol Procedures

Alcohol service policies and procedures combine to create the Trifecta for prosecuting or defending alcohol service. This Trifecta is easy to defend but extremely difficult to prosecute. Fortunately, we can expedite the authentication of your client’s training, policies, and procedures. This is who we are and what we do. As restaurant, nightclub, and bar operators, we conduct alcohol training, create alcohol policies, and implement procedures.

Contact The Dram Shop Experts To Discuss Your Case

Preston Rideout, Kim Schioldan, and Silver Gordon have 30 years of experience operating 250 Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Bars. Contact The Dram Shop Experts today to discuss your case.


Florida Jury Awards Alcohol Pool Party Injury $5.6 Million Verdict Counsel hired Dram Shop Expert Preston Rideout to opine on pool party operations, responsible alcohol service, intoxication identification, and risk...

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